Monday, November 2, 2009

Alamanda dates for the dont know how many times - lol

Today, going on dates but as usual there is no other place other that alamanda... lol again.. leaving dikna houses at 5.30pm, think that i pick her up? of course not.. arrived with my first wife a.k.a my lovely bike.. then she wait for me like a tiger as i'm quite late - dem, very 'garang' wooo, arrived at alamanda probably around 6.00 pm then straight go buying movie tickets - the time travellers wife, since we have some times before the movie start, going to the foodcourt to eat something.

 "hurmm.. waffle " dikna said, and i couldnt resist, the waffle was dem good - waffle with ice cream, then perhaps it was not enough as i think waffle alone cannot satisfy my appetite, i ordered chicken pita kebab and a nice glass of soya bean.


Delicous ain it?.. droolll...

some photoshoot before we enter the movies....

About the movie, it was good although the start was quite slow, apparently in the middle of the story untill the end it came like.. wallaaaa.. this is interesting... i strongly suggest couples to watch this movie. what it is like? i will write a review about it.

after watching the movie.. we had gone to usual place for us to 'lepak-lepak' at maulana food corner to eat some nice dinner, nasi putih with tomyam cendawan, telur dadar and kailan ikan masin. hehehe..nice eh?.. then after some chit chating while watching junior BWF championship between malaysia and indonesia, we were heading to another place - oldtown bangi, our favourite 'lepak' place ( between both of us only, not included our friends ). Playing facebook as usual and trying to upload pictures as there had wifi spot, however i failed as my photoshop is crashed.

dikna playing fb..

Finally, going home after all day hanging out with her. Although my poket is empty now, hehehe.. she wouldnt admit it, i got some nice feeling on this day. A feeling that u could only feel when u going out to met her. Love her though.

p/s: sorry for the bad pictar, i was having tough time to upload full resolution due to my maxis 'super duper speedy' connection, my only option is to downsize it to the lowest quality.

Thanks for reading.


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